Why use a Xero bookkeeper?

The best of both worlds – an experienced, business-minded bookkeeper and the UK’s most powerful accounting software

Xero bookkeeping for sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies

Give your business an extra advantage working with the Business Bookkeeper team and using the market-leading Xero accounting software package.

Our team has a collective 30 years’ professional bookkeeping experience and we look forward to providing you with the support and the services you need to successfully run your business now and in the future.

When you choose us, you’ll be assigned an experienced bookkeeper who will:

  • input all of your transactions into the Xero system (including your sales invoices and supplier invoices),

  • regularly reconcile your business bank account,

  • keep your financial records up to date,

  • run your payroll and CIS systems completely compliant HMRC’s real time information (RTI) system,

  • complete your VAT returns, CT600 returns, and Self Assessment returns,

  • work in partnership with your preferred qualified accountant,

  • and much more.

We serve clients across London and every region of the United Kingdom.

Business owner using the Xero app on their laptop

We're your business partners and we're part of your team

We provide clients with the range and quality of services they want and expect from a senior bookkeeper but, importantly, we go further than that.

That’s because we consider ourselves as genuine and proactive business partners to all of our clients.

The more up-to-date the financial information you have about your business, the better decisions you’ll make on how to run it.

We’re there to make sure you have access to the important information whenever you need it through your Xero account. Want help to understand what the figures are telling you? Book in a call and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Every hour of time we save you by taking responsibility for maintaining the quality of your financial records is an hour you can spend;

  • finding new customers and making new sales,

  • better serving existing clients,

  • recruiting the right people for your company, and

  • improving company efficiency and profitability.

Your success is our success and we offer a range of fixed-price monthly options depending on the size and turnover of your business as well as numbers of transactions. We’d appreciate the opportunity to find out more about you and your company. We’re certain that our Xero bookkeepers have the skills and experience you need to help understand and run your business better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xero bookkeeper services

For most Business Bookkeeper clients, we perform the following tasks:

  • payroll, CIS, and workplace pension calculations (including completion of payroll journals),

  • bank reconciliation,

  • posting all your business bank transactions,

  • posting your purchase invoices, expenses, and cash transactions,

  • credit card transactions and reconciliations,

  • correct assigning of expenses to help you lower your tax bill,

  • accruals and prepayments, and

  • preparation of a year end pack for your accountant.

On our higher tariffs, we provide the following services:

  • debtor monitoring,

  • VAT returns and reconciliations,

  • expense monitoring and advice,

  • annual accounts completion,

  • fixed asset register maintenance,

  • KPI monitoring,

  • and more.

Your monthly fee also includes your Xero subscription charges.

Yes, we can run management accounting reports for you through Xero.

The five most popular types of reports among our clients are:

  • profit and loss

  • balance sheet

  • cash flow

  • accounts payable aging, and

  • accounts receivable aging.

Yes – we are able to handle all of your business’s payroll, CIS, and workplace pension commitments.

One of the bookkeeping jobs our small business clients ask us to perform the most is to process wages and pay for themselves and their members of staff via HMRC’s RTI system. We can do this either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly for you.

We can also set up payroll, CIS, and workplace pensions accounts for you and your staff.

We work with all kinds of clients from start up firms, long established family businesses, right through to companies whose main focus is on growing fast.

Your specialist Xero bookkeeper understands:

  • business and how it works,
  • the importance of cash flow,
  • how to reduce outgoing expenditure,
  • how to best allocate your cash and resources, and
  • the best ways to mitigate risk.

Wherever your company is on its journey, working with a good bookkeeper will deliver real value. 

One of the primary benefits of working with the Business Bookkeeper is that we’ve set up our systems and adapted our internal processes to take full advantage of flexible remote working.

This means that we can do your Xero bookkeeping for you and you don’t need to provide us with a desk and a computer within your premises:

  • to do your bank reconciliation work, 

  • to correctly record and classify your financial transactions (like payments, receipts, and purchases), and 

  • to carry out your day-to-day accounting tasks.

We only work with businesses operating with the Xero accounting system. In our eight years of trading, we have used other accounting and bookkeeping platforms but, in our experience and opinion, Xero is superior.

Xero is powerful, simple, and very user-friendly. In Xero, bookkeeper jobs are done faster and more efficiently than on other platforms and the range of management accounts they produce is the broadest.

The Management reports our experienced bookkeeper produces for you help you to understand every aspect of your business, where it’s succeeding, where improvements are needed, and whether you should be making more money than you are right now.

And the Xero bookkeeper we assign to you has the accounting skills and knowledge required to show you how to use this real time information to your advantage.

When you work with your Xero bookkeeper, they’ll help you better understand the movement of money in and out of your business bank accounts. We’ll give you a much broader view of how well your business is doing and where there are opportunities to draw more cash out for you and other shareholders.

However, deciding how much cash you actually take out of your business in salary and/or dividends is something you should decide in partnership with your qualified accountant using the figures we’ve provided for you.

Yes. We work closely with all of our clients’ accountants.

We make sure that the financial and accounting information they download from your Xero account is accurate, correctly classified, and up-to-date. When bookkeepers and accountants work together, clients save money and they benefit greatly from their combined experience and insights.

Yes. Do you have a client or clients who would benefit from working with an experienced bookkeeper? Are you and your colleagues struggling with incorrectly inputted and irregular data when they download information from clients’ Xero accounts?

Outsourced bookkeeping from accountants is one of our fastest growing services and we look forward to finding out how we can help your practice and its clients.

Although we’re based in London and many of our clients are based in the city, most of our work comes from individuals and companies across the whole of the United Kingdom.

No we recommend that you use a receipt capture app which is included as part of your package free of charge.

The app is a Xero plug-in which allows you to take pictures of invoices and receipts on your mobile phone.