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Outsourcing your bookkeeping services to us

Xero and all of the online bookkeeping and accounting platforms are great. The problem is that the people who use them the most – your clients – aren’t trained bookkeepers. Therefore, they’re always going to struggle to use them properly and that’s why client’s books are often in such poor condition and of such poor quality when you and your team log on.

It’s not just a lack of familiarity with bookkeeping though. Your clients – all business people – are under considerable pressure every day looking after their existing clients, trying to find new ones, managing their staff, and more. So, even if they were trained bookkeepers, they’d struggle to find the time they need to keep their bookkeeping software up to date.

Clients actually want you or someone who works for you to do their books for them and they’ll happily pay you for it. We do appreciate however that many of you just don’t have the time. That’s why many accountants are choosing to work with the Business Bookkeeper – so that they can offer what their clients consider a more traditional, full accounting service.

Working with the Business Bookkeeper means that, every time you and your team log into your clients’ accounts, they’re presented with up-to-date, accurate, and correctly-classified financial information. There’s no need for you or your team to spend hours getting a client’s books to the compliance requirements of HMRC.

While clients do want their accountant to make sure they pay as little in tax as possible, they actually want a lot more than that.

They want:

  • you to understand them and their business,

  • your experience and advice to help them achieve their personal and professional financial goals, and,

  • in good times and bad, they want to feel that you’ll be able to help them as quickly as possible overcome a problem or exploit a commercial opportunity.

We can free up your time and your staff’s time so that you can offer the service your clients want to receive.

How does our service work?

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There are a couple of options when you work with the Business Bookkeeper. We can meet directly with your clients and provide them with a quote for our services under our own brand.

Alternatively, you can sub-contract us to work on your clients’ accounts under your brand name. With our sub-contracting service, we’ll take your client right up to the point of trial balance. During the year, we can either deal with your clients direct introducing ourselves as being from your company or you can intermediate.

To speak with one of our experienced bookkeeping professionals, please contact us on 020 3137 6565 or email us. We are certified advisors for Xero. We also have professional indemnity insurance.

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Our full range of services

Why subcontract to the Business Bookkeeper?

Always be up to date with each client

Many accountants report that one of their greatest frustrations is setting aside regular time to work on each client’s books only to find that they’ve not been updated for weeks and that the information on them is often wrong. With the Business Bookkeeper, you have access to accurate trading and financial information on each client when you need it.

Provide factual business advice

Clients want advice and support from their accountant just as much as they want to pay as little in tax as possible. With the latest information, you can provide each client with the advice they need on how to run their business better, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Give clients a real advantage

We help clients chase payment and set credit limits, monitor their expenses, manage their cash flow, run payroll & CIS, and much more all under one roof.

Turn bookkeeping into a profit centre

Most accountants often only receive a small commission each from Xero, Sage, and so on for each client they sign up to these platforms. However, selling 2-3 hours’ bookkeeping a month to clients will create a far more valuable revenue stream for your practice.

Sell higher-value services

Staff time which is currently taken up by often mundane bookkeeping tasks is time taken away from you and your colleagues in selling valuable ad-hoc services like R&D tax credit submissions, patent box submissions, IHT planning and more.

Cover for absent staff

Are key members of staff due to go on parental leave soon? Are important employees going on holiday during periods of high workload within your firm? We can provide cover for absent staff so that your workflow suffers minimum disruption.

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Contact us about working together

To find out more about subcontracting your clients’ bookkeeping to us, please call us on 020 3137 6565 or email us to get in touch.