Cloud Accounting Software

Spend more time building your business and less time on bookkeeping.

The best-run businesses use the latest cloud-based accounting software

Is your company ready to make the change to cloud accounting software? Or are you already using it and you want a better idea of what systems are out there so you can move to the one best suited for your business needs?

Cloud accounting offers a significant number of valuable benefits to busy business owners. Cloud accounting saves you time and money and it presents you with the accurate and timely information you need to make better decisions on how to run your business.

The Business Bookkeeper works with clients using the Xero. That’s because, in our opinion, it offers business owners the most useful features and insights compared to all of the other cloud accounting software packages available.

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Benefits of using cloud accounting software

Save time and build your business

Business owners spend hours each month issuing invoices, running payroll, and managing credit control. The right cloud accounting software will chase your debtors, generate payslips, and submit documents to HMRC in a fraction of the time.

Work from anywhere

In the past, accounting was paper-based. With cloud accounting, you can log into your bookkeeping package anywhere you want without having to worry about installing software or checking for the latest software updates.

Financial Dashboard

One of the most popular features is the "Financial Dashboard"; a fully customisable screen showing you the key financial information you need to run your business.

Work with the very latest data

With cloud accounting software, you get a better idea of your business’s financial position, how much you’re owed on invoices, and how much you owe others. You get a real-time picture of your business and how well it’s doing financially.

Fully secure technology

Cloud accounting software uses the very latest online and secure encryption technology meaning that your financial information always stays private. What’s more, your data is being constantly backed up meaning that, if your computer or mobile device crashes, everything is still there waiting for you in the cloud.

Constantly updated with new features

Because you don’t need to download any programs to your computer or mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about making sure that the cloud accounting software you’re using is the latest version. Updates happen automatically and each platform regularly adds useful new features with their updates.

Easier collaboration with your bookkeeper and accountant

Your bookkeeper and accountant can log into your cloud bookkeeping software at any time you want them to. And they’re able to give you advice and guidance on how to run your business better based on its current performance, not on its performance at previous year end.

Completely scalable to your business

If you decide to grow your business, your cloud accounting package grows with you. It’s completely scalable and just as capable at handling the financial record keeping for one-person businesses as well as multi-million-pound turnover companies.

Need help choosing and setting up your cloud accounting software for small businesses?

If you want to switch your accounting and bookkeeping to the cloud but you’re not sure how to do it, call in the Business Bookkeeper.

The platform we work with, Xero, is in our opinion, the best in a crowded market. If you’re not confident with computers or apps, don’t worry. Cloud accounting software is designed to be as easy to use as possible no matter what your level of experience. There’s no programs to download or update – everything happens in your web browser and on an app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Did you know that you don’t need to keep paper receipts and bank statements anymore? Your cloud accounting software regularly synchronises with your online banking instead and the software will also store all of your receipts online.

You don’t even need to use a scanner to upload most receipts now – all you need to do is to open the app on your mobile phone and take a picture. Business owners switching to cloud accounting software for the first time are often surprised by just how much time they save.

We’ll help you choose the cloud accounting software which is right for your business and we’ll show you how to use it. We’re available by phone or email for support during the early days to help you get up and running too.

To speak with the Business Bookkeeper about choosing the right cloud bookkeeping software for your business, please call us on 020 3137 6565.

Why use a bookkeeper and cloud accounting software at the same time?

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You might be asking yourself why you need the Business Bookkeeper if you’re using cloud accounting software. And it’s a very good question. Most business owners aren’t trained bookkeepers. In fact, it takes many years of training to become a bookkeeper and many years dealing direct with business owners to become a good bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping is complicated and, even though Xero make it as easy as possible for business owners to use their platform, they don’t train you on how to become a bookkeeper. What we do is we make sure that every invoice and receipt is properly categorised. That’s important because, for example, 56% of SMES are more likely to overpay VAT with only 27% of owners stating that they were confident they’d completed their VAT correctly.

And it’s not just about saving money on VAT. Over the course of the year, we’re there to help you understand what your bookkeeping software is telling you about how your business is performing. You’ll have access to a wide range of easy-to-understand reports with your cloud accounting package and we’re there to help you understand them.

At your year end, we finalise your accounts. We then get in touch with your accountant with any additional information that they’ll need to complete your year end accounts for HMRC (and Companies House if applicable) and we’ll liaise with them on any queries they have.

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