The Business Bookkeeper

  • Fully outsourced cloud bookkeeping solution.

  • Working remotely with clients across London.

  • Sole traders, Partnerships & Limited companies.

  • Fixed fees agreed in advance.

  • Certified Xero Advisors & Quickbooks Pro-Advisors.

Fully outsourced cloud bookkeeping solution.
Working remotely for clients across the UK.
Sole traders, partnerships & limited companies.
Fixed prices with no surprises offered.
Xero Partners & Quickbooks Pro-Advisors.

Working Remotely With Clients Across London

Our fixed fee, complete cloud bookkeeping solution gives you back the time to drive your business forward

At The Business Bookkeeper, we are modernising the approach to bookkeeping not just through technologies, but with our fresh thinking and responsiveness to client’s needs. You need information to be relevant, real-time and add value to your business. When you work with The Business Bookkeeper, this is what we deliver.

We provide a fully collaborative outsourced cloud bookkeeping solution for Sole traders, Partnerships and Limited companies. We are based in South London, and we work remotely with clients all over the capital and the south east.

We take care of everything for you, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Our Bookkeeping Services

Weekly, monthly, quarterly. By helping you with your day to day bookkeeping needs, we can ensure you remain informed and in control of the finances for your business.



An introduction to bookkeeping, plus how we can also help with bookkeeping rescue.


Sole Traders

The services that we provide to sole traders and the packages that we offer.



The services that we provide to partnerships and the packages that we offer.


Limited Companies

The services that we provide to limited companies and the packages that we offer.

Are You Ready For Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative to modernise HMRC’s tax system, with the aim of making the whole process of administering tax simpler and more efficient. Get in touch and discuss how we can help you get set-up on your MTD compliant software.

We Like To Become Your Business Friend

We understand how the demands of running a business do not always allow you to spend the time necessary to manage your bookkeeping successfully. As a business owner, you should be spending more time on the ‘front end’, planning, developing and carrying out your business. All the background bookkeeping tasks – that’s our passion. We aim to become your business friend and to make your life easier. We love nothing more than getting to know your business – your successes, your challenges and your goals. We are committed to providing you with a bookkeeping service that arms you with the key information that enables you to make decisions to help achieve your aspirations and ambitions. Get in touch, we’d love to help.

Do you run your own business?  Are you tired of having to manage your own bookkeeping?  Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else took care of all your records for small business?

The Business Bookkeeper is an online bookkeeping services in London, allowing you to take advantage of a leading, specialist service completely at your fingertips.  Think of it as like having your own tax accountant on standby at any time of day or night!

Our professional outsourced bookkeeping and payroll services will allow you to upload your records to our cloud servers and rely on our trained team of experts to crunch all of your numbers for you.  You may be a sole trader, or you could be running a limited company.  Ultimately, you are going to need to make sure that your records and bookkeeping is always up to date!

Simplified Bookkeeping

Our simple & local bookkeeping services are a refreshing change of pace from having to handle everything yourself. Qualified bookkeeping is important if you want to make sure that your tax details are correct, and certainly if you want to make sure you’re not losing out on any much-needed revenue.

Using specialist cloud bookkeeping services means you’ll always be able to upload and amend your details with us at any time, no matter where you are.  We aim to offer a seamless, stress-free accountancy service in London.  This means that whether you need professional bookkeeping for contractors, tax and bookkeeping crunching for HMRC or otherwise, all you need to do is provide us with the data, and we’ll keep track of everything for you.

We’ve all been there.  It can be tricky running a business when you have so much paperwork and filing to do!  Why rely on old school filing when you can use our services? We ensure complete bookkeeping solutions.  That means more time for you to spend on actively running and growing your business. Wouldn’t it be great to take tricky accounting and bookkeeping out of the picture?  Well, now you can!

Your Top Tax Accountant in London

Running your own business doesn’t mean you have to understand the maths behind the finance.  While plenty of Wallington professionals and London businesses make use of a personal accountant or small business accounting services, things can still get a little confusing.  You’ll still have to make appointments to see the best accounting firms.  What if you need help from a top certified accountant at short notice?

Whether you need help with construction accounting, basic accounting for your first year of business or more complex financial queries, our online, outsourced service is always open to you.  One of the huge benefits of The Business Bookkeeper lies in the fact that you will always have access to a leading financial accounting company around the clock.  What’s more, we are completely certified and experienced at what we do.  We live and breathe numbers, and we’re proud to be able to support so many people on such a flexible basis.

Looking for top accounting online, or a business accountant near me offering low cost rates?  Let’s start taking a look at your books.

Sole Trader Bookkeeping London

Being your own boss is great!  However, it can come with more than a few pitfalls.  If you’re new to running a business on your own, your first tax return may look a little scary.  But it really doesn’t have to be!  While HMRC has simplified the sole trader tax return system over the years, you’re still going to need to have various documents and numbers to hand for your calculations to be completely accurate.  If they’re not, you may be facing a fine or two.

But with experienced sole trader bookkeeping experts by your side, you can always be sure that your sole trader tax returns are filed complete, on time, and are completely airtight.  As tax specialists, we will help you to tighten up your expenses, and we will calculate any losses or capital gains you may have made over the year.  Simple! Self-assessment tax isn’t something you should ever have to worry about. Let us handle the fine print so you don’t have to!

Payroll Services

Looking for a leading payroll solution in London?  Whether you look after five team members or 500, you can lodge all your paperwork through our cloud-based bookkeeping services.  This way, any tax queries made regarding your payroll employees can be handled and addressed efficiently and on request.

Our tax services apply to payroll and self assessment alike.  We understand that taxation and number crunching may seem daunting to everyday businesses.  Ultimately, we take the hassle of balancing the books and run the numbers for you.  Managing a payroll system, as well as keeping HMRC happy, is something which takes time and effort.  These are things you may not be able to offer while running a growing business!

Help With Your VAT Return

If your company earns enough money to need to file a VAT return each year, it’s time you called in leading, local experts to help make sure your data is present and correct.  VAT returns can get a little tricky, and more than a little involved.

However, it is important that you make sure your details are completely correct.  With HMRC rolling out Maxing Tax Digital for certain businesses, it is time that you trusted specialists who can make sure your details are ready to be filed for governmental attention.

Need a Chartered Accountant Nearby You?

The Business Bookkeeper presents an online, efficient alternative to traditional accountancy services.  With the UK looking to Make Tax Digital, it’s time that you and your business made the leap to accounting services and specialists who are already setting things up on a digital platform.

Take advantage of round-the-clock support, tax assistance, return filing and more.  Whether you’re a sole trader or an enterprise overseeing hundreds of payroll staff, we’re ready to help prepare your business for the digital age.  Don’t get left behind!

For more information on how we can help you, either call our team directly, or enquire online!

The Business Bookkeeper is an absolute asset to our company. A positive ‘can do’ approach to managing our invoicing, accounts, clients and tutors with intelligence, empathy and professionalism. The calm one in a storm and first to mention a new app or system that might help speed up our processes and keep us competitive. Without The Business Bookkeeper, we would quite frankly be lost.
Caroline Butler, Director, Dulwich Tutors
The Business Bookkeeper has been our bookkeeper for over 5 years. They have been instrumental in the effective management of the financial affairs of our small business – a gentle nudge here and a reminder there, guiding us through the increasingly complex administrative tasks businesses are required to handle. The Business Bookkeeper do their job brilliantly, so allowing us to get on and do ours. They are to be hugely recommended.
Stephen Paine and Sophie Stewart (Directors), Paine and Stewart Ltd

We have been working with The Business Bookkeeper for over 6 years now. From a personal point of view, we have never met, but over every email and phone call, they are extremely pleasant. From the Business side, they have been tremendously professional. They manage all of our bookkeeping, VAT returns, CIS Statements and are able to provide all types of financial reports. Everything is setup Via Xero, so the information and work completed is all there to see. They are very proactive and systematically chase any information that’s needed and keeps to all deadlines set out by HMRC. They are set up with our company email and receive statements and invoices directly as well to smoothen the paperwork. If there are any changes in regulations or laws – More recently Pensions they has brought it to our attention and acted on our behalf to organise these. There hasn’t been a single mistake or issue dealing with The Business Bookkeeper, and so I cannot recommend them highly enough as they are a huge asset.

James Lynott, Company Director, London Electric Contractors Ltd